Aqua Cycling Classes

What is The AQUACYCLING Work-Out?

The AQUACYCLING work-out is an underwater cycling class. The bikes are placed in a 88 degree pool and you pedal against the water resistance, with water up to the waist.

Why is the AQUACYCLING Work-Out Good For You

The human body contains about 60% of water. The AQUACYCLING work-out is for your body + your mind. Try it and you will feel so energized! Not only do you shape your body in a much more efficient way than on land but you also protect your health, your bone structure, your joints, your muscles. Aqua Hut Cycling is for anyone...

How Do I Get Started?

There are a couple different ways to get signed up. You can click on the button and get started that way through our mind and body website. Or if you have a smartphone click on the button for the mind and body app and download it for free. You can sign up for any class and create a user account. If you have any questions please give Sarah Smith 419-490-0708.

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