Earn A Living Underwater

Dive Control Specialist

SSI Dive Control Specialist is SSI's initial dive leadership level and is considered by many as the "fun" leadership rating. That's because you can do more than any other entry-level dive leader. You can do more because you receive both dive master and assistant instructor training in the SSI Dive Control Specialist course. With other agencies, these courses are separate.

You will study advanced physics, physiology and decompression theory. You'll practice advanced rescue techniques, fine-tune your diving skills and learn the basics of teaching. Plus, there's a high demand for SSI Dive Control Specialists at retail shops and exotic resorts.

Course Cost: $750 plus instruction fee, books and materials, and certification card

Student must provide all equipment.

Learn to be a Scuba Instructor the "SSI Way." Most instructor programs focus only on teaching diving. However, most dive businesses require much more of instructors than merely teaching. The SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC) prepares you to become an active member of the scuba industry, a successful educator, and a valuable dive business employee.

Course Cost: $2500 plus books and certification fee. Instructor checkout fees are not included in the price.

Student must provide all equipment.