Boy Scouts Scuba Programs

Aqua Hut Dive Center, 2543 North Reynolds Road in Toledo, is offering Boy Scout diving programs including Scuba BSA and the new Scuba Diving Merit Badge. The programs are taught by an Open Water Instructor (OWI) certified by Scuba Schools International (SSI). The primary instructor for the Scout diving program is Bill Antoszewski. Bill is the Troop Committee chairman for Troop 97 in Whitehouse and has attended the BSA Florida Sea Base dive program. Scuba BSA is a “try it” program that fulfills all the requirements of the “Scuba BSA” activity badge. Scuba BSA is open to both Scouts and adult unit members.

Cost for the program is $25 per person. In accordance with BSA requirements and to maximize one-on-one time with an instructor, groups are limited to 8 Scouts/adults maximum. The program lasts 2 to 2- ½ hours and includes:

*Use of all required scuba equipment (mask, buoyancy compensator, tank, etc.)
*Review of scuba safety procedures, communication, and use of the equipment
*Approximate 60 minutes of in-water instruction in Aqua Hut’s heated, indoor pool
*Completion of the Scuba BSA skill requirements in shallow water (approximately 4 feet)
*Additional information and the full requirements for the Scuba BSA program can be found in BSA Publication 19-515. Scuba BSA is strictly a “try it” program. After completing the program, participants are NOT certified for open water diving.

The new Scuba Diving Merit Badge was approved by the BSA National Council in December 2009. The program at Aqua Hut will provide certification as an Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Diver) for Scouts as required by the merit badge. Adult leaders are also welcome to attend the program with their Scouts and will receive the SSI Open Water certification. Cost for the program is $345 per person; again groups are limited to 8 Scouts/adults. The program costs include:

*Open Water Diver training manual, logbook, and OWD certification card
*Use of all required scuba equipment (mask, buoyancy compensator, tank, fins, wet suit, etc.)
*All course instruction – instruction includes an on-line training program that all participants must complete, video presentations, classroom and poolside sessions, and in-water skill instruction
*Approximately 4 – 6 hours of training in Aqua Hut’s heated, indoor pool; there is no “set” time for instruction – the actual time required depends on the participant’s skill and comfort level
*Admission to White Star Quarry in Gibsonburg, Ohio along with four (4) open water certification dives

NOTE: Per BSA and SSI requirements -
*All Scouts must earn the Swimming merit badge prior to working on the Scuba Diving merit badge.
*All Scouts under the age of 15 must have an adult diving buddy during all open water sessions (either an adult leader in the training class or a previously-certified Open Water Diver)