TIDES was developed in partnership with Ocean First Education and Aqua Hut for students, grades 7th - 12th, interested in pursuing a career in the Marine field. The program is designed to give students an in-depth and exciting experience, with weekly topics such as Ocean Biology, Currents & Tides, Coral Reefs, Marine Life, Local Quarries, Career Opportunities, Open Water Scuba Certification, and more. This program was created for career driven students, providing them a head start in the vast opportunities in marine career fields. The program offers a chance to have each student participate in a multi-year program with each year building off the previous years work.


The program is typically held after school for a few hours once a week. The majority of classes will be held at Aqua Hut and the hosting school. However each program does come with some field trips to places such as The Toledo Zoo, BGSU or UT Marine Biology Departments. At the end of the program, students will receive their Open Water Diver Certification after successfully completing their open water checkouts at Whitestar Quarry. Students will also have the opportunity to make connections and ask questions with local subject experts in Marine career fields.

  • • Classes are $650 per student with 12 students registered in the course
  • • Classes are $700 per student with 8 students registered in the course
  • • Classes are $750 per student with 6 students registered in the course.
  • • Classes are $800 per student with 3 students registered in the course.
  • • All expenses cover the cost of instructor, unlimited pool use, gear rental, course fees and open water checkout dives.
  • • Students will learn about proper scuba diving equipment and will have the option to purchase their own Total Diving System from the professionals at Aqua Hut.
  • • Students will be invited to do field work and expeditions in many locations both local and tropical. Some of these programs are the Coral Restoration Foundation and many more. Stu-dents will be participating in fish studies, coral restoration farming and planting, environmental studies and field work with experts in marine science.
  • If you have a student who would be interested in this program please contact Jeff or Ian at Aqua Hut or you can call Andrew our TIDES instructor at 419-261-1645.